Bicycle rent

Bicycling is the best way of discovering Liepaja city. Cycling lanes in the city will make everyone feel welcome, while the numerous attractive tourist sites will give you an opportunity to spend unforgettable moments in Liepaja. The cycling lane runs parallel to the seaside, through its parks and along the streets. The most unforgettable cycling is along Liepaja’s beach. Here the sand is suitable for cycling because the sand is hard enough. We also offer guide books for cycling in Liepaja and the region.

The visit in Karosta Visitors’ Center and excursion around Karosta Prison

Karosta Prison is the only military prison in Europe open to tourists. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Liepaja and even the whole of Latvia. Thousands of tourists visit Karosta Prison every year.

Herbal tea

Knowledge of herbal teas, of gathering and making them has been inherited from the grandmother of the lady of the house, a real expert. She would spend all of her free time in summer in the forest or the meadows. All of her family used to be involved in the gathering of herbs. Herbal tea is not only healthy but delicious as well. There is the opportunity to taste different kinds of herbal tea and get to know of great value of herbs during your stay in Ezera Maja. We present small bags of herbs to our guests as souvenirs.

Transfer from bus or railway station

If you come to Liepaja by public transport we offer to pick you up at the Liepaja Bus Station or Railway Station.


Liepaja beach

The Liepaja beach has amongst the whitest and finest sand in the world. This provides an ideal place for lazy relaxation, sporting activities, long or romantic walks, and cycling. And, by the way, on the southern part of Liepaja beach is an area for nudists.

Peter’s Market

Peter’s Market is in only five minutes walking distance from Ezera Maja. The market is open daily. Every day you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, milk products, fish and meat.

Karosta (Naval port)

The enchanting brutality of Karosta… or perhaps the brutal enchantment. This is a really unique and rare site not only for Latvia but also historically, architecturally and as an example of urban construction, worldwide. This is one of the most unusual sightseeing places in Latvia. One can like or dislike Karosta, but it won’t leave one cold. Karosta is the largest historical military territory in the Baltic. In Karosta there is the highest building with cupolas in the Baltic, the St.Nicholas Ortodox Maritime Cathedral; a prominent sample of engineering technical work, the metal construction swing bridge over Karosta canal; and of course Karosta Prison! Don't forget to visit the Redan Fort, where the Karosta Museum and the War of Independence Museum is located!

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